Project Management

Timo "BlackGhoul" Liimatta
One of the Project Managers, Lead Designer, Webmaster
Timo is an RPG veteran, having played P&P RPGs for more than 17 years, including games like AD&D, D&D 3rd and 3.5, Cyberpunk, Call of Cthulhu d100, RuneQuest d100 and Twilight 2020. He has been acting as a GM, planning for adventures and campaign settings of his own for the whole time he has been playing RPGs. Timo has spread his tentacles to everything in the project. He is responsible for technical stuff of the project, including the web pages and the forum. He is a dice-mad steam-crazy engine of ideas. He is as much a Kharzul dwarf as a human can possibly be.

Heini "Silveriatha" Liimatta

One of the Project Managers, Art Director
Heini has been playing RPGs for 14 years, including games like AD&D, D&D 3rd and 3.5, GURPS, Cyberpunk, Call of Cthulhu d100 and Twilight 2020. She has been acting as a GM for 12 years, planning adventures and game settings of her own during that time. She has been painting and drawing since her childhood. Heini is behind the artistic guidelines of the project in addition to her work for the rules and the game setting. Heini loves reading and now has a library room of her own she has always dreamed of. She loves tea and cheesecake.

Eetu "Zergon" Pykäläinen

One of the Project Managers, Lead Mathematician
Eetu is the youngest of the three project managers, still having remarkable experience in RPGs. He has played for 9 years, GMing the whole time, including such games as RuneQuest d100, Rolemaster, D&D, Wild Talents, Ars Magica, Cyberpunk and lots of freeform storytelling RPGs. He has the most live action RPG experience of the management team, having over 100 LARPs behind him. Eetu is a true mathematician at heart - manical about both geometrics and arithmetics. He is behind the working calculations of our rule system. He is interested in amethysts, strange beverages and clockwork.

To contact the SteamJazz project management or the rest of the crew, send mail to (timo, heini or eetu) or register at our forum and join the conversation.

Rest of the Crew

Rest of the crew will be introduced later.