What is a pen & paper role-playing game?

A pen & paper role-playing game (P&P RPG) is a form of role-playing where players describe the actions of their characters. In a normal setting each player controls the actions of a single character and the game master (GM) controls the rest of the world and the story. For a more detailed explanation see John H. Kim’s nice article on what RPGs are or the Wikipedia article of tabletop RPGs.

What is steampunk?

Steampunk is a genre combining the style of the Victorian era and steam technology to futuristic visions and innovations. For more information see the Wikipedia article of steampunk.

Why for free?

We want to make a game setting and rules that we can use in our own campaigns. We thought someone else might want to play the game as well so we decided we’d share our work with you. At the moment of going public with the project our crew is about 20 interested and innovational hobbyists. The project isn’t made just by a single person doing this professionally. This project is made by gamers for gamers.

When will the game be ready for release?

The game will be released when ready. When we first started building SteamJazz, we had a dream of releasing it for the Finnish RopeCon 2013 (July 2013). We presented the game on the said convention and moved our release date with a year. In 2014 we moved the release for yet another year to summer 2015. The game is currently in beta stage, ready for playing, but still very incomplete.

I have ideas. / I want to contribute. Can I join the crew?

Yes. No. Who knows? Join the forum. Be active. Mail us at info@steamjazz.net with your ideas and description of how you’d want to contribute and what you think you could give for the SteamJazz project. We will get back to you.

I want to playtest. How can I?

Join the forum. Let us know that you would be interested in joining some playtesting group. We will inform in the news and forum when the game is starting to be in the playtesting stage.

What will I need to play?

You will need a group of friends to play with. A pair is a group. Also you will probably need a set of RPG dice (especially 3d6 with one of the dice of different colour) and a printer to print your character sheets with. And of course pen & paper. In addition to the downloaded SteamJazz game, of course.

Most of the crew are Finnish. Why is the game, site and forum in English?

There are not many translated RPGs in Finland. At least our groups have grown out of them several years ago. We are used to English as the game and rules language. We did only briefly think on writing our rules in Finnish and discarded the thought with laughter. Also we want to make the game for the bigger public than just the Finnish gamers. Forgive our poor English.

Why the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND?

We want to release the game so that it is free to download and free to share. Still, we’d like to be acknowledged of our work. That’s why a license at all. We want to have the credit for the work for that is all we’ll get of this. We chose ‘noncommercial’ so nobody else could publish the game in case we want to publish it in addition to giving it as a free download. The ‘no derivative works’ part is there foremost to protect our artists’ rights. We don’t want to see modified parts of our work spreading in the internet, living the life of their own. More information on the Creative Commons license used by the SteamJazz project can be found from the Creative Commons site.