Introduction to Steamjazz

SteamJazz is a pen & paper role-playing game project coordinated by Timo & Heini Liimatta and Eetu Pykäläinen. The project consists of creating a unique steampunk world and a set of rules to complement the theme and setting. The final work needs art and graphics. Our dream is to publish the finished work on the internet as free download and, depending on popularity, perhaps publish a book as well. The purpose isn’t to make profit but a game anyone can enjoy.

Fore more information on the game setting and the world of Erthair see Campaign Setting and the World and for a short introduction to the rule set see Game Rules.

"Light seeping to my eyes I wake...
     Is it already the time?
The time for my part?
My part of dance and song.
    A part I delight in, knowing none else...
better delight... in this existence of mine.
Than that... of feeling the joy,
    my master receives from my performance...
of clockwork dance and brass-hued song..."
            - Poem of a clockwork automata