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Campaign Setting and the World

The campaign setting of SteamJazz is based on a fantasy world of its own, the world of Erthair. The history and development of the world are quite close with those of our own world. In Erthair there are six major nations. Victora is a feudal nation resembling the Victorian era England. The labor union movement is growing strong in Victora and the women are starting the fight for equal rights. Wulffgart is a military dictatorship in the cold north where every aspect of life has been turned to benefit the military. Many Wulffgartian inventors and political figures have escaped the military rule to other nations. It is rumored that there is a rebellious movement brewing against the military rule. The Kheiman Empire is a highly developed Ancient Egypt-like nation in the warm south where a strict religion governs all aspects of life. The Crimson Empire is a distant eastern nation where the ancient teachings of balance guide the life. The most western province of Crimson Empire has been opened to trade and visitors. The Union of the Free Islands in the Western Sea is a new nation built on democracy, equality and the wealth of oil. Hanseburg, a small country between Victora and Wulffgart, is currently in the lead of gold, currency and banking business.

Technology Level

Recent technological advances have made major changes in the life in Erthair. The modern steam engine was invented 200 years ago and the technology has developed quickly as a result. Clockwork mechanics have developed past the understanding of our world and the finest mechanical creations are automatons, clockwork robots. Combustion engines are new and oil is scarce. il powered engine technology is rare, expensive and used mainly to power the airplanes in the Free Islands. Electricity is still mostly unknown in SteamJazz.

Weapon technology has developed to the stage of cartridge-firing, repeating weapons such as revolvers, lever-action rifles and pump shotguns. The automatic fire is possible only with a heavy gatling-type mechanism. Steam tanks, flying airships and heavy military automatons rule the battlefields.


In the history of Erthair only one race of intelligent creatures has inhabited the world; humans - like our world. Even though other "races" have emerged into the world, the humans form the vast majority of the Erthair people. In the recent years, starting around the time of the industrialization, mutation begun. Alchemical accidents and horrible military experiments have led to some strange mutations occurring in certain areas. On some remote areas there have been natural mutations for a longer time - creatures humans have isolated outside societies as freaks and monsters. For some mutations the reason is known but for some there's only speculation. The only fact is that mutants are now part of the human world. There's Kharzul Dwarves, short and stout folk from the Wulffgartian mining city of Kharzul; the Dragosaurians, lizard folk from a former Kheiman island in the south; Goliaths, the result of heinous Wulffgartian military experiments; Sylphs, strange light bodied faerie like creatures from Crimson mountains; and the Beastfolk, mutants with beastly animal traits from the Shadewood Forest in Victora.

In addition to the humans and mutants, automatons can be considered a "race" of their own; the newest automatons have been built as intelligent as the smartest humans. Some automatons have gained true emotions and ambitions to change them from obedient machines into humanlike beings. Such automatons are suitable as player characters. There are different kinds of automaton models with different body types and different pre-installed skill sets. The model defines an automaton character's "background" choice.