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Test Play 1

posted Oct 27, 2012, 11:46 AM by Timo Liimatta   [ updated Oct 27, 2012, 12:05 PM ]
It has been tested. I hosted a three-day test play session from Wednesday to Friday. In hours we played around 24h altogether. I had seven players of which three were present the whole time, two for almost all of the play time and the rest two were present for some of the play time. Three of my players haven’t been part of the SteamJazz Crew.

I gave only vague information on the adventure as basis for character creation. The game would start in Victora and it would help if the characters would be ready to work as mercenaries. The first six hours were spent creating characters. When the first three characters were made after 3h, more players arrived and we spent some more time creating characters. After that we got into playing. The last two players joined later with two earlier made characters.

The characters of our adventure were: Vincent de Schultz, a hanseburgian musketeer; Dr Shaak Scale, a gentleman crocodile-like dragosaurian mutant who had just graduated as medical doctor; Dave Spanner, a hanseburgian mechanic; Pascal, a heavy worker automaton; Dany, a fox beastfolk mutant street urchin rogue; Vivian, a doll automaton; and Fealei of the Valley of the Swallow, a sylph mutant mechanic.

We got lots of good feedback and many issues were fixed and addressed on the run. After a bit of testing it seems that Character Creation rules are in quite good order. There are some things that need clarifying and we need piles of new advantages and disadvantages, especially those that are fit for humans. Some things in the rules that need more care before we can pass out test play versions are (among other things): skill descriptions, combat golden success effects and fumble effects, equipment list, prices, weapon statistics and prices and some fixes to combat options - to name a few.

-Timo, the Lead Designer

I've also posted a short story inspired by our adventure under the Steamfolk Tales section.