SteamJazz is currently in beta stage. We have lots of unfinished, unchecked text. We have tested the character creation for several times and it seems to be in quite good condition. The game is playable as we’ve held several campaigns ourselves.

The rules and other stuff needs a lot of playtesting still. And that’s where we need help! We need players and game masters who would like to play some SteamJazz. This way we could get feedback on the rules and on the world. What works? What doesn’t? Can anyone understand the written rules? What rules are missing?

We are currently in a beta playtest stage. To get your hands on our unfinished material, toss us a mail and we'll give you the link to our material. This is to keep a bit of track where our material goes (to ask for feedback later). Naturally, the Crew itself is welcome to playtest SteamJazz as they see fit.

We have few wishes for our playtest GMs. When hosting a game of SteamJazz, we ask you to reserve a few minutes in the end of each gaming session for chatter about the rules and the setting. Talk with the players about SteamJazz, take a few notes and report the thoughts, ideas and feedback to us. All feedback is important!

If you want to start hosting a game of SteamJazz, toss mail to for material and info.

We also have a few wishes for our SteamJazz players. And when you play SteamJazz speak with your gaming group about what you like and what you don’t like in the SteamJazz rules and setting. Send us feedback!

For more questions and more information about SteamJazz and playtesting, please contact Timo, timo

This page has been edited 25.7.2014.

- Timo Liimatta, Lead Designer, Head of Playtesting