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Introduction to Steamfolk Tales

posted Apr 15, 2012, 5:20 PM by Timo Liimatta   [ updated Apr 15, 2012, 5:23 PM ]
Greetings, dear reader and welcome to read the Steamfolk Tales. 'What is this Steamfolk Tales?' you wonder. Rightly asked, my good sir or lady. The Steamfolk Tales is a new, monthly article in the Independent Weekly, published by the Independent Press, in all Victora, Free Islands and Hanseburg.

The article consists of astounding stories of death defying feats, adventure reports, letters from the field and interviews of the world known adventurers and heroes. The article is named Steamfolk Tales to honour the tradition of the homeless adventurers calling themselves "the steamfolk".

In the coming months you can expect to read adventures of the weird Circus Grimshaw folk, letters from the privateers of the Free Islands and an interview from the world known scientist, Dr. Dominic Johnell, the strange inventor of the Crystal Intelligence Clockenspiel.

Keep your eyes open for the Independent Weekly so that you won't miss anything when we prepare to take you up to date with all of the stories of the steamfolk.

Written by: Harold T. Chapman, your reporter in the field